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Before Reporting any issue or problem - please ensure you have the latest release of the product to which you are entitled - the problem may already have been resolved !

How to avoid your email being mis-identified as spam !

We have aggressive spam filters in place - ensuring you mention one of our products in the 'Subject' field of your email, our spam filter will treat your email as genuine - otherwise it is very very likely to be deleted.

Naturally we hope your need for support will be minimal if not non-existent, but we live in the real world, and should there be an occassion when you need our help - we will be here to offer it!

Due to the extreme levels of spam we are receiving via our support email address (over 8000 daily) all support is now primarily provided via our Tracker Forums , this allows us to provide support quickly and efficiently without the problems associated with Spam Filters and Privacy, if you cannot for any reason register/login to our forums - you can of course email us general problems here - or PDF-XChange Viewer problems here - but please ensure you leave the subject in tact to ensure our spam filters do not delete your email, PDF-XChange Viewer problems are best sent if possible using the option in the 'Help Menu - Report A Problem' PLEASE.

To access the Tracker Support Forum please click here.

All support requests are treated equal - whether you own a product or are just using the demo version, simply because if you find a problem, it benefits all users if we know and can rectify it.

PDF-XChange V3 serial numbers :

If you are having problems using your serial number to remove the demo stamp on output - Please Copy/paste this in the installer - dont type - almost certainly you have not entered it correctly !!!

One Exception to the above - if you own PDF-XChange 'Pro' and your serial number begins 'PXC..' - you do need a new serial number to use PDF-Tools. Please contact us for this to be re-issued.

Telephone calls for support are not encouraged, our support staff are located in 3 differing locations, the UK, Ukraine and North America. Depending on the nature of your question and the time of day posted - it could be answered by a member of staff in any one of these locations.

When requesting support - it is important you supply us with not just a description of the problem, but some basic information of the environment the software is operating in as this often has a direct bearing on the resolution!

Minimum Information Required:

Your serial # or receipt # or specify 'demo' Version
The Version of Windows being used (W95/98/ME, NT, W2000/XP etc)
Product Version (generally available from the 'About' Screen)
(If a printer driver this will be available from the Printer properties)

Please dont post serial number/License Info on our forums - or in your sample applications (software Developers versions) - if you are having a license related issue - email for supporty, providing all your purchase info - not just your Licnese and serial number.

If requested to send a sample file or image - please, please do archive (ZIP) it before emailing as this saves us all time! EXE files will be rejected unless wrapped in a archived file.

If using an SDK (software developers kit) please do tell us what development software you are using and post code snippets or sample projects when ever possible and relevant.

We also recommend you to look at the article How to Report Bugs Effectively which may help you to ask for help and receive it much quicker and efficiently.

Thank you!
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